Post-Bacc Experience?

I’m a 29 year old PhD student in Immunology looking to graduate in the next couple months. I’m heavily contemplating going to med school afterwards, but leaning towards taking a year of Post-Bacc to raise my undergrad science GPA and also to refresh myself before I take on the MCAT.

I was wondering what your experiences were like with the Post-Bacc program… meaning were you able to work at all. I guess my primary concern is having no income to live off of if I just take classes alone. I know Drexel has an evening post-bacc program that is a year and a half or so… so I was thinking work during the day, classes at night, and study instead of sleep???

I also noticed that many post-bacc programs are “linked” to many near by med schools… meaning if you do well… you get accepted assuming you have a certain MCAT score. Anyone have any experience with this?