post bacc/masters in the LA/SD area?

hey guys
has anyone got any info on post bacc's/masters programs that are at good universities in the LA/San Diego
and if you do, can you send me links or info that i can use to find them online?

UCI: UCI Admissions then click on the left Outreach and then Postbacc
they have 2 programs: 1 for reapplicants, 1 for 1st-time applicants

thanx for the tip!
does anyone have any experience with any post baccs in San diego–>LA?
anything i should specifically look for or even avoid?
if anyone has any more leads id greatly appreciate it!!!
thanx again!

I know USC has one - but I couldn't find a link to it on their site - you might give their office a call.
I think UCSD has one - at least they used to - but again, couldn't find a link on their site.
I know you can also take graduate-level courses at UCSD w/out being admitted to a masters or doctoral program.
I don't know about UCLA though.

here are a list of PB places.
PB listings

Here’s the AAMC URL:…stbac/start.htm


I’m currently attending CSUF as a post-bac and enjoying the experience and opportunity the school provides. However, there are some things you should take into consideration that you might not be aware of. It all depends on you, your background, and how best any of these programs can suit you.
Obviously you’d like to stay in SoCal. There are both post-bac and masters programs available as the great links provided show. But, which program do you choose? I’ve heard many different viewpoints for or against both. The most convincing advice has been dependent on the person’s situation:
- If you have no science background do a post-bac
2 years to fulfill core medical school required science classes
- If you have a science degree and bad grades do a masters
2 to 3 years to prove yourself with new grades and establish a new GPA
med schools give greater weight to recent masters GPA than ugrad? (not sure)
- If you have a science degree and good grades do a post-bac
1 year to complete any required core science classes you might be missing or
time to help prepare for the mcat and brush up for med school
Either way, you need to fulfill all the med requirements of classes, grades, and mcat.
With masters programs, you should concentrate on science and medically related degrees of microbio, biochem, molecbio, etc. since you are trying to prove your undergrad gpa is not indicative of the new you. A masters in public health or other degree will not answer the question of your scientific aptitude and will raise questions of your commitment to pursuing an md degree.
With post-bac programs, most of us will agree, that none are created equal. One very important distinction from ugrad or masters is that as a post-bac you are not really a “student” in the traditional sense of pursuing a degree. Thus, you may have less power or benefits while still paying the same price. The different post-bac programs range from highly stuctured to highly do-it-yourself. Here at Fullerton, it is rather unstructured and gives you the freedom to pursue your goals how and when you want. UCI and USC have more structured programs with set classes and time frames. The best thing for you to do is visit each school and talk to their respective program coordinator. Find out if you qualify for the program, costs, time, etc.
I’m enjoying the camaraderie of other post-bacs and small school atmosphere (compared to UCs) that CSUF offers.
Hope this helps and best of luck,
Steve cool.gif