Post-Bacc program vs. regular 4-yr institute

I am wondering if anyone knows if medical school admissions boards would have a preference as to whether you were enrolled in a post-bacc program or whether you just took the last few courses you needed at a regular university.

I am only eligible for one post-bacc program that I can find in the area because it allows you to take as many or as few classes as you want instead of the more structured format of most post-bacc premed programs that won’t allow you to enroll if you have already completed most of your science courses. The one premed post-bacc that I am eligible for is not that close and doesn’t have exactly the classes I want, so I would prefer to just take my 3 - 4 classes at another school but I don’t want to hurt my chances of being admitted any. Anyone have any ideas??

Doing an official post-bacc program compared to just taking the courses really makes no difference. What IS important is doing your very best in the classes you take! If you feel it might make a difference to any medical school you will be considering, call them and ask. That way you know for sure!