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Anyone know about the Georgetown post-bacc Masters in Physiology program taught in conjunction with 1st year of the MD program. I understand that they require a 3.0 and 27 on the MCAT.

Charles, with those nuggets of information you have more hard data than I do about the Georgetown physio program. I can tell you (and I’m in the same city) that the program seems to be well-regarded. It also seems to have a pretty good placement rate for people getting into med school. although “placement rate” may be the wrong term, as to the best of my knowledge they do NOT assist students with their med school apps the way post-bacc programs do.
It’s useful to review a distinction here: hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s been my understanding that the term “post-bacc” refers to a program that shepherds you through the basic science prerequisites of gen-chem, o-chem, bio and physics.
the Georgetown program (and I know there are others) is distinct in that it’s designed for folks who’ve done all that prerequisite stuff, but need to buff up the science aspect of their application nonetheless. And so it’s advanced-level science rather than undergrad.
I don’t know a LOT about this so I hope someone with more information will chime in to correct or clarify.

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You are probably correct that besides a literal meaning, “post-bacc” is usually reserved for study after receiving a BS or BA, that is not towards an advanced degree.
The program at Georgetown (and by the way, Chicago Med (Finch), and Drexel) is actually a Master’s program. The program is conducted through the depart of Physiology and Biophysics. It consists of 6 first year MD courses taken along with 1st yr med students–also graded on the same curve. This allows med schools to look at how students endure 1st year classes…The acceptance rate to med schools is about 60% during the program and 85% for the year of the program and a lag year some take.
The premed courses (G/O Chem, Physics, and Bio) are required prior to matriculation. MCAT is required and scores have to be above 27, GPA must be >3.0.
Georgetown gives those who enter their med school credit for the med courses as long as grades above B are attained.
I am also considering the Brandeis, Goucher, and Tufts post-bacc programs. I was told that if “pre-med” courses were taken over five years earlier, that one could enter a classical post-bacc program by all of these schools and several others. The only one that didn’t follow that dicta was Columbia. The Asst dean of admissions was recalcitrant–“no means no.” I guess I will not apply there. BS in Bchm.
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You know, I can’t understand the need to have such a high score to get into that program. I mean a 27 and GPA above 3.0 could get you into med school. You would think the requirements would be a bit lower to get the students that truely need to show the med schools they can handle the classes.