Post-Bacc Programs

Anyone know about post-bacc programs in Maryland?

Check out U.Md., Goucher, Hopkins… they all have programs. Do a search here and you may find previous discussions, as I think all of them have come up at one point or another.

A few things show up in the search…
But do you want a Special Masters Program or a post-bac undergraduate program.
This link lets you find ones in various areas: (Sorry if you knew about this and were just asking for personal feedback on various programs…but it’s a good start)

I did my post-bacc at Towson (1/3 the cost of Goucher and Hopkins). They have a formal program. If you do a search of old posts you will find my posts about the program, why I went there, strengths/weaknesses etc. These were written back when I had more specific details fresh in my memory. Feel free to ask questions.
Good luck,