Post-bacc question

Hi all, New to the forum here. I’m getting acquainted and looking around, but I figured I’d jump right in too.

I’m 30 and a journalist, so med school would definitely require a post-bacc. I’d rather do it through a formal program than DIY.

I’m stressing though. My college courses had no hard sciences, just pysch. I took one stats class pass/fail. I have a MA with one math class, but geared toward the media. And I didn’t do hot in AP bio in high school – but that was 12 years ago at this point.

So for successful post-bacc people – do you think a community college course in bio or something would be a good idea? Just to prove I’m not a science idiot. Some seem to want no science classes at all, while others take your science GPA into consideration. And that makes me nervous if that includes high school since I’m a different person and a better student now.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and read more about people’s experiences.


High school science is not included in your GPA so you can leave that worry behind.

From what you have mentioned, I think a start with intro bio in a CC would be a good place to see how you are in science, how to become a student again, and not spending an arm and leg to do so.

Good to know! I just assumed (bad journalist!) because they ask for the high school transcripts as well.

I think I will go for the CC course. I think I have proven myself as a student in grad school, but since it wasn’t science-related I’m hoping a good grade in at least one course will prove I’ve overcome my high school results.


Hello, and welcome to OPM! I’m also a (former) journalist, and it’s nice to see another writer/editor on here! Best wishes with your future journey!

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