Post-Baccalaureate programs...worth it??

Hey friends. I love reading the posts in this forum, you all keep me motivated to pursue this dream!

I am 29 yo with a BS in Biology (3.77 gpa) from Missouri State ('02). While I had intended on going to medical school right out of college, life led me down another route that included seminary, overseas mission work, teaching at a university and now working at a large church in the Chicago area. I am sooooo very ready to get back onto the medical school track.

Since I’m a few years removed from both my MCAT scores and my undergrad pre-reqs, I’m considering a Post-Bacc program to refresh my science knowledge and prepare for the MCAT re-take. Any thoughts out there? Good programs to check into? I’ve set an appointment with Northwestern in a couple of weeks. Great school, close to where I live, will fit into my hectic schedule.

My eyes are set on a Fall 2012 med school enrollment…nothing will stop me!! Any feedback would be immensely appreciated!

Keep up the great and hard work friends!