Postbacc question; re: prestige


I could use some advice. I’m in the process of deciding on a post-bacc program for the upcoming semester. I’ve been accepted to Columbia and Hofstra (and SUNY Farmingdale, but I don’t think that would be a good option) and I’m waiting to hear about Stony Brook. Any thoughts on which I should attend. I need to stay in the New York area because I can live for free on Long Island.

I’ve been getting some conflicting stories regarding the impact of prestige of the program. Obviously Columbia is a big name, but it will likely be easier to get A/A-s at a place like Hofstra.

About me: My undergrad GPA is mediocre (3.2), but I was also a horrible student in my younger days and didn’t crack a book once during my undergraduate studies. Now that I know how I actually want to spend my life, that aspect of my studies will be very different.

I didn’t take a single science course during undergrad, so my science GPA is still untainted, but I definitely need to increase my cumulative GPA through a post-bacc program, while getting all of the pre-reqs. I’m 25 (turning 26) next month and currently work as an attorney.

Any thoughts?