Practice MCAT

Hey All,
I took my first full length practice test this past saturday and it was horrible. I’m definately glad I’m taking this class. It’s definitely given me some insights intoo how much I need to work. What a bear. Just thought I’d put this out there!

Hi I’m pretty sure your score will be improved the next practice exam.
My Kaplan prep class hasn’t even started yet. It’s tomorrow but I’m sorta apprehensive about it. I’m afraid I might freak out about the diagnostic score. I have already registered for the April MCAT and although I’m not taking any classes nor I have other work to do besides studying MCAT until April, What if I get 10-15 on diagnostic exam? It doesn’t seem tangible to improve more than 15 points in 10 weeks unless I study at least 70hrs/week.
Everyone says this mocking exam is no big deal but I tend to get discouraged and depressed for a couple of days after I do terribly on a exam. I get extremely motivated at something I see myself getting improved.
Oh well, I’ve been studying hard-core since December and that was basically learning a new material for me (cause I haven’t had chem/o-chem/phys class in a looong time and I never learned concept behind those), and it worries me that I keep forgetting stuff I knew well enough when I try to review again couple of weeks later. I guess re-learning enormous amount of materials in such a short period of time isn’t very effective. Soooo confusing especially Physics. Besides as a non-native English speaker who knows nothing but human biology, I’ve realized how many vocabulary I had to memorize!!! To make it worse, there are so many definitions in one word. I think I have memorized literally about 500 English Vocabs in the past couple of month!! I still need thousands of words to memorize…
Wish me good luck on this. I’ll be living like a hermit studying almost 70hrs/week until April MCAT…