Pre med and undergrad major

Hello Everyone,

I would like some advice as how to incorporate pre med courses into my major. I am transferring to a four year college in one semester to go for my BS degree after I earn my associates. I am not sure as to whether I am going to major in a science or not but lets just say that I do (Biology for example) how to I mix bio classes and pre med courses into my schedule without making it seem impossible to do well in multiple science courses all at once. I want a good balance so it does not become overwhelming. Any recommendations would be helpful.

Thank you all,


Hi Eric,

Welcome I think you mean med school pre-req classes rather than pre-med classes? Because far as mixing biology classes and the pre-reqs, they are already “mixed,” part of the package.

So, if you major in biology, that curriculum (at most schools) will already cover the classes you’ll need for med school.

If you decide to major in another science, make note of what pre-req courses you will have to take for med school (they are generally the same) and make sure you take those.

Science or non-science major, I do suggest seeing your pre-med advisor or an academic advisor. They’ll tell you which courses “work well together” and which courses are like oil and water in the same semester. I wish I took advantage of mine earlier. I wound up scheduling THE hardest classes back to back and now I have to fix that mess.

Another thing I did actually, was talk to my professors. They were able to give me good insight about balancing my classes.

Good luck