Pre-Med at 38?

Hi Ya’ll!

I had poked around this site today, since I’ve been thinking about med school. My case is like others, who have thought about it earlier but never went.

My background is not in science, but I finished in International Relations though I have been in international business since my 20’s.

My work took me overseas and I married a non-American and we’re living in Ukraine. There’s a medical program in English at the Lviv Medical University and have heard of (and seen) graduates from this school take up practice back in the US.

My question is, how difficult is to take the board and get residency in the US after graduating a foreign university?

Much feedback is appreciated!

Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor a medical student. I am responding only because no one else has (yet).

From what I have read here and elsewhere, the answer to your question is: Very, very difficult, but not impossible. If working as a physician in the US is your goal, you would probably be much better off moving back to the US and attending a domestic medical school, where your odds of getting a residency are much higher than for foreign-school applicants. If that simply is not possible, and you’re still determined to try to get a US residency after attending a Ukrainian medical school, then good luck. Maybe someone else can give you some tips to try to raise your chances. can better answer your questions: -schoo…

Thanks everyone who chipped in. [sigh] Still trying to decide. I appreciate your input. If anyone else has any other advice, please let me know!

My best to all of you!

It also depends on what specialty you’re thinking about. Certain specialties (family medicine, IM, psychiatry, for example) are not all that competitive and take quite a few FMGs. Other specialties such as anesthesia, ortho, radiology, etc take very, very few FMGs. As mentioned above, it will be very difficult, and you will likely have to do considerable legwork yourself. Where US grads generally receive a lot of help/guidance from their medical schools in preparing for/registering for board exams, applying to residencies, etc, you’re likely to find yourself on your own. You might want to see if there are any graduates from that medical school currently practicing in the US and see if you can contact them for advice/info.

I have not been to medical school, and know very little about Foreign trained students acceptance to US residency program. Still, i can can tell you, a little research will not hurt. You can start by calling the school that you are interested in and find out if the school have any gradutes who are or have been in US residency program.