Pre-med course choosing

I’m currently reconsidering which courses I should take and in what order. I have a hand full of sciences already completed; however, I’m not confident enough in my knowledge of them to proceed forward without some remedial review.

The variables and questions are listed below. Any advice would be appreciated.

Calculus I,II and III all completed in Spring 03, Fall 03 and Spring 04 respectively with B’s.

Physics I taken twice (Fall 03 with a C grade and Spring 04 with a B grade).

Chemistry I taken (Spring 04 with a B grade).

All at a community college during full-time study. I transferred into a four year university and ended up doing a liberal arts degree instead of engineering but find myself back in the sciences pursuing medicine.

I need to complete Chem II, Orgo I & II, Physics II, and Biology I & II. I have also been reading that Genetics and Biochemistry are very helpful and recommended but am trying to complete this curriculum in two years.

Would it be frowned upon to take Physics I AGAIN before taking Physics II?

Is taking Chemistry I again also going to look bad?

What order is recommended and why is it that summer courses don’t always look good on a transcript?

If I begin the following sequence and then transfer to a more structured, certificate program after a year, will that be too inconsistent or should I simply stay at the state school and independently prepare myself for the application process?

Thanks ahead of time.

I don’t think anything would look bad as long as you do well and get your A’s. You cannot have any C’s on any science course. I would retake Physics and Che I. I would take Che I, Calculus I and Bio I at the same time. You will need to be good at Calc I for Che 2. It’s very important to take these continuously. It helps a lot! Biochemistry should be taken after you’re done with Orgo II. However, I wouldn’t take too many classes when taking Orgo II. Good luck and follow your dreams!