Pre-med requirements required to transfer?

Hey guys, haven’t posted in awhile but well, let’s just say I didn’t sleep much this semester. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I’m noticing that at a /lot/ of universities here in Cali, they actually want you to do a lot of your lower division biology before you transfer, such as the general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, etc…my issue here is, I recall reading more than a few posts here that said medical schools look down heavily on taking pre-med requirements at a community college.
So my question is whether it’s worthit to transfer to a more respected college such as UCSD, UCLA, SDSU, UC Davis, etc. if I have to take my pre-med reqs at my community college in order to do so, or to /not/ take the pre-med reqs and go to CSU Chico or CalPoly instead.

Tim -

Seems like there was quite a discussion in the past that specifically referenced it. I don’t remember the details, but I think it was mentioned that pre-reqs at community colleges in California were looked at a little differently because of the way the California system is set up (like you mentioned - the schools want you to do the pre-reqs at the community college before transferring to the four year institution). Don’t quote me on this, though.

You might want to give a pre-med advisor at an institution you are considering transferring to and ask for their opinion. Or, check out the websites of some of the California medical schools and ask them.

I looked around and it seems as if the UCs look mainly at the grade received in those classes since they’re aware that they have to be taken at a community college in order to transfer.

I think I lucked out, actually…I spoke to a counselor at the transfer center where I’m going to college and she seemed pretty knowledgeable about transferring to the UC system. Apparently my college has an agreement with UC Davis that basically translates into automatic acceptance with a 3.2 GPA or higher. Since my GPA is 3.9 that means I atleast know what UC I’m going to since Davis is my top choice anyways. I just hope the pre-med classes don’t drive me too insane.