Pre-med student from Australia

Hi There,

Let me introduce myself to your forum.

I am a 41 year old female about to start studying in February a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, just over the border from where I live in Queensland.

I have not seen a forum like this on Australian websites, so it is really good to be joining an understanding community as I have no support here, with the exception of my school, a math tutor and a handful of friends.

As I left school in 1984, I decided to brush up on my Chemistry, Physics and Math through an external programme called Women into Science and Technology run by Central Queensland University.I am doing this for 3 months in order to make my transition into studying higher level sciences at university much easier.

On October 29th I am going to work in 2 hospitals in Tanzania for 2 months through the Projects Abroad programme. I will shadow and be taught things in a variety of settings such as Emergency, HIV clinic and the Medical outreach programme in the villages. I am going to do 2 months each year during my pre-med in order to complement my studies with extra practical experience as we do not have a practical placement component within my degree. I will apply to Med school after doing the Gamsat exam in 2012.

I am trying so hard and I don’t know if people are jealous or what, but they are always trying to discourage me about the length of studying to be a doctor and my age etc. If all goes to plan (and it will) I aim to qualify as a doctor at age 48. Age is just a number and I feel I have wasted enough time over the years due to people discouraging me that I have decided it is time to get serious, lock and load and get this journey happening. It will be tough, but I am ready. This forum will be an enormous help and if I can share my experiences or answer any questions, then I will do my utmost to try to help. I have been reading this forum for months and love its honesty, constructive criticism and its positivity.

Today, the 10th of October, with this my first post, is the official start of my journey to

becoming a doctor. I have a A3 blank book in which I am going to start a visual journey today also.

To everyone thinking about going to medical school and becoming a doctor, don’t ever think you are too old, too dumb or crazy. I’ve wasted 10 years thinking like this. so long as you try to achieve your dream and work hard trying, thats the main thing. A dream is just a dream if it is not acted upon. Age is just a number. I don’t want to sit here at 50 and resentful in a unfulfilling job and think, “what would have happened if I had only just given it a go, things could have been much different now”.

It’s been great having a chat

I must close now, speak soon,

Take care


Welcome to the board!

PS: Do toilets really flush the other way down under?

(Yes yes the Coriolis effect is an urban legend reasoning!)