Pre-req Bio

I’m just wondering here in Oregon most school have three terms which is fine, but I took 2 of the terms of Biology at least 8 years ago. Now I have a chance in the fall to take the third term but should I do that or retake the whole damn thing?
I am also going to take an introductory Chemistry since I have never had it and my firat attempt at it 20 years ago in college was a failure. The head of the department taught it and he was horrible. He could not bring himself down to the class level he acted like we were all Chemistry majors. I ended up dropping it.
I think with a good intro class I shouldn’t have to much trouble with Chemistry. I am sure when I take physics that 100 level class is going to be helpful. I found my notes and the book from that.
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Check with schools to see how old your pre-reqs can be by the time you matriculate into medical school, some do not like or encourage your pre-reqs to be less than X or Y years old. This should answer your questions.

I hadn't had any bio since high school in 1980 so I took 2nd-year genetics and cell physio classes (I sat in on the first-year bio class for a month but decided I could handle the 2nd-year classes for credit, since a lot of AP-level HS grads go right into those classes). The genetics was fabulous and I learned a huge amount that I think will be very useful (on the MCAT too!). That science has certainly changed a lot in 10 years. The cell physio was good and better than another first-year bio class.
I'd vote for whichever are the best bio classes you can take, that fulfill your prereqs; find a good instructor if you can.

Thanks for the replies.
Since I plan on majoring in Bio. I might as well take the third term and I will be getting plenty of uppper level classes. I took genetics but I want to take oit again because I love gentics and a lot has changed with the Human Genome Project going on.
I am sure I can get through the third term without too much difficulty even though its ben a long time since I have had any biology. My big challenge will be chemistry. It kind of scares me but I plan on taking an introductory class first so I won't be totally clueless

I really enjoy this board and I am so happy I found you all here. Just reading through the posts has been a great encouragement to me.

I also found myself in the same situation you do in regards to Genetics. I had had the course 12 years ago and decided to retake it this summer. Things have definitely changed with regards to our knowledge of molecular genetics. The transmission side of genetics, ie Mendelian ratios and the like, is still the same basic material; however, with all of the advances in technology, the molecular side served up some very interesting lectures. It will definitely help you on the MCAT. You will probably also learn how to read RFLP's and ASO's and other tests that may or may not be included on the MCAT. Be forewarned: make sure that you get a good professor for this course. I lucked out and had an excellent one who actually considered herself somewhat of a geneticist. This course could be a veritable hell if your instructor is weak or bad.