Pre-reqs Help!

I’m preparing to start my prereqs and I initially was planning to go to community college for them because the campus is within walking distance from my job. I learned that CC credits were sometimes frowned on by admissions offices so I contacted the medical school. It was after hours so I emailed them. A couple days later, I had a different question, but since it was during the daytime, I just called them and asked about community college while I was on the phone.

I received two responses from the admissions office. The first was a verbal and the rep said that as a general rule, the admissions office prefers all courses from a 4-year university. The email response came a few days later and it said the classes can come from any accredited college or university.

Now I’m somewhat confused getting conflicting responses. I had assumed that if and when the email I sent was answered, it would include the same information as what was quoted me over the phone. Does anyone have any recommendations?

First one says PREFERS; second one says “can come from any”…

The first response gives you a pretty good hint at what the medical school will look at more strongly.

The second response states that all are accepted. That does not mean the courses will be looked at more favorably.

When in doubt, always go with the response that states prefers.

As an aside, there are always a few exceptions to every rule that every medical school cranks out:

the CC courses taken for all pre-reqs with a 40 S MCAT… or the

the university student with a 3.0 with a 28 N MCAT score that gets admitted because of outstanding something else… or the

the university student with a 3.6 with a 32 Q MCAT score that does not need an interview because he/she is foreign (US residential status), underprivileged and wanting to serve an under-served community.

Which would you rather be? The one who does the prefers route, or the one that prays you are the exception!?

Best of luck - welcome to the path - it’s a roller coaster for sure

jkp2117 pretty much got it. But if you want more of an explanation, then read this:…

Thanks for the advice. It really helped. I have to wait for the fall to get started (having a baby in the spring and my wife would kill me if I started now), but at least now I know where I need to be looking.

Thanks again!