I know that the medical colleges (most) don’t “officially” require the completion of a bachelor degree prior to matriculation. BUT, if a OPM’er were to achieve the following: PS-14, BS-13, VR-13 and an “O” on the writing sample coupled with a 4.00 GPA on pre-req’s (BIOL, CHEM, ORG, PHYS, etc), would it be foolhardy to apply at that point? Without a degree? Would that put the applicant in a negative light with AdComs?

First of all, congrats on the scores and grades. That’s wonderful that you’ve done so well.

In terms of the actual degree … it seems to me that it is exactly what you say: it’s not an “official” requirement for some schools, but if you look at the statistics (I’m talking about those listed in the MSAR – the Medical School Admission Requirements book – which is put out by the American Association of Medical Colleges), nearly ALL matriculating med students have undergrad degrees. Some also have advanced degrees.

Because of this, and because getting into med school is SO competitive, I do think you would be at a pretty big disadvantage if you apply without a degree of any sort. Although this is just my opinion, of course. You should talk to the med schools where you are planning to apply and get their take on your situation.

Think about it this way: If you were to apply with those scores/grades AND a bachelor’s degree, how much MORE competitive would your application be? Enormously more competitive (again, just my opinion here).

As is often asked on this forum, are you trying to get into medical school, or are you trying to get into medical school QUICKLY? The latter is often not successful.

My vote is to finish the degree. I think NOT finishing it would raise a lot of questions in the application process, and that’s the last thing you want.

Another thing – you don’t mention having taken any upper-division courses (anatomy, biochem, microbio, etc.). Many med schools also want to see achievement in these types of courses. You may want to consider taking some of these classes, at least a couple of them, in addition to the basic pre-reqs.

Best wishes to you.

To re-iterate what terra_incognita just said … even though many schools do not “officially” require undergrad degree, most students actually have advanced degrees.

I had been reading the Osteopathic Medical School Information book this morning and even in that case many schools require undergrad degree, few don’t … they require 90 semester hours. Again, if you have 90 semester hours, where else do you make up for your “competitiveness”? They list the other factors they look at in a candidate.

The bottom line is how do you make yourself competitive while defending areas of your application that are not so competitive (in this case no undergrad degree.)

I am struggling with this as well, as my undergrad is from outside of US.

Now, I am considering caribbean (Top 3/4) more seriously: we have to live with our situation … and expectations … and be sure what works for us.