Pregnant During Interviews?

I will be 30 when I apply to medical schools next year. I already have one son, who is 15 months, and my husband and I are planning on trying to have another before I enter medical school (hopefully in fall 2020). We want to have a second child in Jan-April 2020, so that by the time I start the baby will be hopefully sleeping through the night (or close to it), have some of the important vaccinations to better protect him or her in daycare, etc. My husband has a flexible work schedule and will be the primary caregiver for our kiddos and I will only be applying to medical schools in locations where we have family or friends because we will need a strong support system. If all goes well and as planned, this may mean that I am visibly pregnant during medical school interviews. Does anyone know how that may affect me? I don’t think schools can technically discriminate against pregnant women, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t or that a pregnant person may be regarded as less likely to be successful in medical school because she will have a young infant. Thoughts? Experiences? Thank you!

Hi there! Dr. Gray responded to your question on OldPreMeds podcast episode 189! head over to to take a listen!