Premed course prerequisite

Finally back here after a 2 year break. 38 yo NP. I am finally at the point of being able to retake my premed classes which I took last about 15 years ago. I have a flexible work schedule which will allow me to take these courses at a local university. My first major of Biology I had a 2.3 GPA 2.8 science GPA.

I believe my best bet is to take them all over via the fresh start academic program which will allow me to start with a fresh GPA, however I must take at least 90

Credits which will take 3 years. Hoping to apply in between year 2 and 3. Anyone have experience with the Texas fresh start program ? In addition to my biology degree I have a BS and MS in nursing. Any advice would be appreciated.

If you live in texas, the academic fresh start program may indeed by your best bet. No experience with the Texas program but have heard about it. I’d definitely try to get some DO shadowing so you could apply to both MD and DO schools in Texas.

The fresh GPA will only apply instate. Best of luck!!