PreMed Post Bacc programs

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on getting into a post bacc premed program? I currently have a 2.63 GPA as double major in Psychology and Business Economics. The few science/math classes I did take in college I did very well in. I looked on the AAMC website for post bacc programs but most require 3.0+ gpa.

I’ve been out of school for 2 years now and I have to admit that I don’t feel what I did in college is what I am truly capable of. How can I prove this if I cannot get into a post bacc program to prove it? With all the budget cuts in CA, getting into an actual post bacc program seems like the best bet for me to be guaranteed classes. Ive been told by the college I went to for undergrad that I most likely wouldn’t be able to take classes there under Open Enrollment because there just isn’t enough room/classes due to those budget cuts.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get into a Post Bacc program with a 2.63 gpa? or how I can raise that GPA to be competitive for a Post Bacc? I would prefer not to go to a community college as I was previously at a 4yr university.

Thanks in advance.

Normally I’d suggest you go the DIY post-bacc way since it’s been working out great for me thus far, but I feel your pain on the CA budget issue. Most of the CSU campuses have stopped accepting post-baccs period. Even if they’re attempting a 2nd bachelor’s degree (or at least doing so on paper only). I’ve heard that UC’s won’t take 2nd degree students at all, and never have. I luckily got into a CSU as a post-bacc just under the wire.

Is there any way you could repeat some classes and/or take some new ones at a JC, to boost your gpa, and then apply to one of the formal post-bacc programs? I wish I had a better suggestion for you. This current budget situation here is unfortunately very unique and challenging right now. Are you looking at a public program? Or private? Have you tried talking to any admissions people? You’d think that something can be done to accomodate the students touched by this budget problem. It sure is a mess.

Not all Post Bacc programs are the same. Below is a piece from a paper/presentation I am working on for another organization

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The formal programs, in particular, provide a pathway and support structure for students wishing to enter medical school but are mostly designed for the near-college graduates, with fulltime undergraduate classes, rigorous entrance requirements and significant tuition. Some will not take students who have already completed premedical course work and/or have poor academic records. There are, however, a growing number of programs that consider these factors and provide evening/weekend classes, masters degrees, and curriculums designed for those who need to enhance their past academic records.

below are a few I have looked at in the last category but are by no means the only ones

Link Georgetown Special Masters

Link Drexel programs

New York Medical College

I also seeing various med schools, mostly the DO, and some of the newer "Health Sciences Universiies" (MDU, Des Moines) offer similar things.

The other possibility in California is the community college classes are acceptable to the California Med Schools


If you’re agreeable to moving, I will suggest that you consider Roosevelt University in Chicago. It is expensive (as it is private) but the classes are small and I felt I received a great education there. I can put you in touch with the head of the College of Sciences if you’d like. Just drop me a private message on here.