Premedical committees


As a nontrad premed, I need only organic chem to complete my pre-reqs. The premedical committee at the university I am attending does not seem very helpful to myself or another post-grad who graduated from other colleges. I know there are some med schools who have an either/or for the pre-med recommendations, such as a committee recommendation or letters from 2 or 3 professors (which I can get). Is there a publication somewhere that lists those requirements without having to search each individual med school?

Thanks for any help!!

Hi Karen and welcome!

I know that if you go to the AACOMAS website for Osteopathic medicine, they have all the DO schools and what they require in the sense of letters. From what I read, if no premedical committee, the goal is to get 3 letters, 2 from Science professors.

I’m not sure of allopathic schools…although I would think the same.

To be honest, I would see more value of getting a LOR from an actual instructor who knows the applicant.

Thanks. I would think the professors’ opinions would be better. And at this point, I am considering DO. I am shadowing a DO who is a wonderful doctor and his patients all think he is great. But then, his patients I have are great too.

Unfortunately this is something that will vary by school, and so you may have to contact individual schools… sorry!