Preparing for post-bacc over next year

Hi all,

I am starting a formal one year post-bacc program in exactly a year. Given its length, the MCAT is generally taken immediately after you finish your year of classes.

I took most of the sciences in undergrad c.10 years ago, so the knowledge is buried deep in my brain somewhere. I would like to spend the next year casually preparing myself for the post-bacc and refreshing my memory of the topics, so when I get there I can be ready to crush it academically.

Are there any resources you would all recommend? MCAT prep resources seem a little too “reviewy” for me - I need more of a grounding in the basics. How about Khan Academy?

I was thinking about picking one solid book for each subject and going through it over the next year. Any suggestions? For bio I’ve heard Campbell’s is great, so will go with that. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


Do you really want to “pre-take” the course after taking the course before taking the course again?

I don’t have any specific recommendations, but I wouldn’t use MCAT review books for undergrad level courses. MCAT is more application of knowledge versus getting a good grounding of the information, like the undergrad courses are designed to do.

If you did well in those courses c. 10 years ago, you may not necessarily need to do a formal post-bacc… You could feasibly just clean up any remaining prereqs (since they’ve changed in the last couple of years), take an “advanced” course, or just do a MCAT review program and take the test. There are some schools that require prereqs within a certain window before matriculation, but I think those are moreso the exceptions.