Prepping for first shadowing experience!

Hey, everyone! I’m preparing for my first shadowing experience - I’ll be shadowing a Heme/Oncologist MD. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make the most of my experience? I’m planning on bringing a notebook and some good questions… any other ideas or suggestions for must-ask questions? Thanks!

Ha my first shadowing experience was with a hematologist oncologist as well! Definitely do some research on what are valuable questions to ask during shadowing. Write down as many as you can before you go. Other than that, dress professionally, be attentive, and have fun!

Remember that you are NOT there to learn how to specifically be an oncologist and try to make observations that would be more relevant to any type of practice. It’s less about the dosing of the chemo drug and it’s more about how the doctor interacts with the patient, what the doctor does behind the scenes for patient care, how the team concept of medicine works, etc. Other than that, just enjoy it…there’s not going to be a test afterwards…

Once you get into med school, you’ll learn more about chemo drugs than you ever wanted to know, so don’t worry so much about the science aspects of treatment. Some of the science is bound to change before you finish school anyway.

I took notes during my shadowing experiences. Some of it was about interesting cases, but it was mostly so I could remember specifics about the stuff discussed in the 1st paragraph.

Thank you both! Very helpful. I’m really looking forward to it… I think having fun will come easy! :slight_smile:

Ryan - Thank you so much for answering my question on episode 67! My main takeaway from the episode was to stay present during the experience - to soak in as much as I can and to spend time reflecting on my experience after the fact. Thank you for orienting me!