Presse - How was your 1st year at U of Sherbrooke?

So how was your first year? Do you have a break over the summer or do you do summer placements?


Hello Lynda!

I just realized I’m spotting your post a good month late. Sorry about that!

My first year was challening, educational, difficult, fun, full of up moments, interspersed with some lows. I’m full of excitement at what I’ve learned, and wouldn’t trade it for anything (nearly) in the world!

Now that exams are over, I’ll be starting a diary shortly!

Thanks for asking, and how are your plans coming along, as a fellow Canadian?


Great to hear from you Presse and glad that 1st year went well.

Things are progressing for me. I, unfortunately, have to write the MCAT (don’t speak french well enough to apply to Quebec Universities and McMaster’s cummulative GPA shoots me in the foot). So I am aiming for Western, Queens or Ottawa. To make myself eligible for Western, I am going back to school fulltime in the fall with upper level courses I have not taken already. I must get at least a 3.7 GPA. To prepare for the MCAT (requirement at those schools) I’m taking intro Chem again this summer at York and Organic next summer. With plans to write the MCAT in the late summer 09 or maybe September. I’ll apply before the Oct 09 deadline. I have to say it is good for my schedule that the Canadian application system timeline is different from that of the US - No rolling decisions, so no need to get the application in much before the deadline (other than to make sure I have a buffer incase something goes awry).

In March, I got a package from the company I worked for (Bell) so I have funding to support this for a while. I’m doing pretty well in Chem (80s/90s) so things are lining up pretty well (touch wood).

So what are you up to for the summer? Recovery and spending time with friends and family?

Looking forward to your diary. I was thinking about doing the same to give a Canadian Premed perspective but I also don’t want to jinx myself. Who knew I was superstitious. Take care.