private vs public univ for taking prereq classes

i'm considering taking all of my pre req courses at a private university due to the small classroom sizes,instead of 200+ students in a lecture hall, teachers instead of T.A's in labs etc. what do you guys think. i know the cost is a big difference but wouldnt it be worth it to have the one on one attention from professors?? the best choice would actually be going to a community college but medical schools frown upon this so i 'm thinking about just going to a private univ. any opinions on this or the school which i plan on attending, nova southeastern??

I am a little confused, are you going to fill in your pre-med requisites or are you going to be getting an undergraduate degree?
This may be a little easier to answer your question.

just the prereqs for medschool

With regards to medical schools frowning upon community colleges, did you get this information from the schools themselves? It does not make any sense (sp?) to me.
Medical schools have applicants that spent 2 years at a community college and then transferred to a 4 year school for the last 2 years.
From all the pre-reqs that I have seen, it only says that number of credits of each class you need to take, not where they were taken.
Before making a decision like this, I would check with the medical school first. Orgo is a tough class and if you are better in a small setting in a community college, I say go for it.

I am a big fan of small class size, whether it be at a public or private school. Check with your local school to make sure that the classes that you need to take are indeed the big lecture type. I did my post-bacc at a local public university and had small classes and individual attention while the first university I attended out of high school was an expensive private school that had the 350+ people in lecture with TA's in lab (which is the experience that made me dislike those types of classes).

I would go with whichever school you feel more comfortable with–public or private. If you can handle the debt of a private school, then go private. If not, go public. I don't know what schools you are looking at but honestly I think all schools are a crapshoot. You just don't know what it's really like until you're there. You may get awful professors at a prestigious 4-year university and amazing professors at your local community college, vice versa, or anything in between.
Personally, I do much better in smaller classes. I zone out in those big lecture hall classes. If I'm not engaged, I don't do as well. I prefer smaller, more interactive classes.