Prompts and secondaries (list?)

Hi All

I keep reading the posts (although I didn’t show up most of these past weeks).

I was wondering if we could have some sort of a sticky with prompts for schools. Or perhaps such list exists somewhere (like on SDN? I haven’t checked).

I am thinking it would be cool to have all these prompts up at the same place so that we would have a good idea of the various essays to write and have them ready before application.

Would this be unreasonable or inapropriate?

Thank you


Prompts (aka secondary essay questions). That’s the term they use on SDN.

Redo - if you search SDN for a school’s application thread, they have them all there. That’s where I found all of mine. It’s usually the first post but if not then keep going through the thread until someone receives the secondary and posts the prompts.

By prompts I meant the “topic of an essay” or the subject line (the actual question asked).

desert thanks for the info. Going on SDN is surely an option, although the idea of having a list here would beto avoid searching (I believe any applicant could use these).

For now (I mean next year), I guess I will do like everyone else and go on SDN to search for the prompts from schools that interest me.

Yes, SDN lists the prompts - just do a search. The only caveat I see with this approach is that, although the majority of the prompts stay the same from year to year, some will change. I already see that one of the GW prompts is somewhat changed from last year, so I’m glad I didn’t invest a lot of time writing anything up before receiving this year’s specific prompt. I think my new “revised” strategy is to go through the prompts from last year and just jot down ideas rather than formulating the actual paragraphs - until I receive the official secondary links.…

And there are some others on there if you poke around.


thanks a lot. I will certainly bookmark that.

Great, thanks for the link!