Public Apology

Let me begin by saying that when I first found this site, I was overjoyed; reading through some of the posts and discovering that people over the age of 21 really can and do go to medical school really helped to motivate me and give me a sense of hope. I made a post the other day about a personal experience I had had as a patient. The purpose of this post was simply to share the experience I had had only an hour before and my resulting frustration. Dr. Renard made a very valid point that made me realize that I must have seemed obnoxious and annoying from the point of view of the attending physician. After that, several posts of mine rambled on in a misguided effort to fix the original. I am truly sorry if my tone offended anyone, especially Dr. Renard. I am singularly fixated on becoming a physician to help to alleviate suffering but with that commitment, as many of you know, comes a great deal of stress and rescheduling of ones life and priorities in addition to those already present and the day I made that post was one of the more stressful in recent memory. Humility, probably for lack of self-confidence, has not traditionally been one of my strengths. I am consciously working to change that and I hope that in time you will accept my apology, restore me as a full member and allow me to prove that I can make and will make worthwhile contributions to OPM for many years to come.

Hey there Mac, please let me assure you that I wasn’t in the least offended. I remember all too well that when I was on the other side, I used to think, “Huh, I could do a better job than that.” Now that I have a better appreciation of how hard the job is, I’m a little more humble but not much.

And your perspective reminds me that I need to be sure that I’m doing a good job of listening and communicating. I appreciated hearing about your unsatisfactory experience and am glad that you shared it. Good luck!