Question about Biology

Okay, I am retaking my premed prerequisites starting this Fall (since I originally took them starting in 1991).

I am going to start with 1 class - Chemistry I with lab.

And then in the spring I’ll take 2 classes with labs probably Chem II and a biology.

Okay, so my question is, can I take a year of upper level Biology to meet the Biology requirement instead of retaking Bio I and II?

I am thinking of taking Molecular Cell Bio and Lab I and II, or maybe Genetics and A&P.

Would taking a year of upper level bio fulfill the requirement for med school or would it be more adviseable to repeat Bio I and II?


The short answer is…it depends.

Age: some schools have limits on course age to be accepted as a pre-requisite.

Grade: if your old bio grades were strong (A or B), then, most likely taking upper-level bio course AND doing well (A or B) would be looked upon favorably. If the old grades were crappy (C or less), then you will need to retake them & do well.