Question about listing a failed research in AMCAS application

Hey Guys!

Im an engineer looking to apply to medical school in this upcoming cycle - 2020-2021. I spent some time in my university interested in the problem of paralysis and mostly did work by myself on understanding it and coming up with a ‘wireless stimulation device’ that can be adapted for addressing this for patients. I didn’t really get a chance to work in any lab or anything, this is mostly something I did myself. During my 4th year, I had courses where I got the chance to work on projects of my choice and I decided it was a good opportunity to show this project in class. This was also a project that I used in my masters where I did neural engineering. The patient story behind this and the physiology behind this was one of the many other reasons that I decided to pursue medicine.

So, my question is, should I list this in the activities section under research? I feel that since this was not the traditional science research that people think of, it’s may come off as misinformation. In engineering, a lot of research projects are like this though. Also I remember reading somewhere that we shouldn’t list projects that we did for class.

I didn’t want to include this in my personal statement because there is a lot of other more significant events that led me to medicine as well. So I’m really debating whether I should list this and if so, where?

What do you guys think?

Thank you