Question about SATs

Would I be allowed to take the SAT after completing college courses?

Anybody can take the SATs. The question to you is why would you want to? Generally, SATs are to help college admissions predict how well testtakers will do in college. Since you’ve already taken a smattering of college courses, you really shouldn’t have a need to take the SATs unless you want to join MENSA or something like that.

I took the SATs 14 yrs. ago during my senior year of high school and my score wasn’t high. I know I can score much higher. The school I’m attending right now doesn’t require SAT scores because it’s a 2 year college. Some of the schools I’ve looked into attending after I finish require SAT scores for transfer students. It seems that a couple of them weigh heavily even for transfer students. I was just curious as to whether the scores would count after taking college courses and earning a 2 year degree.


You should be able to take the SAT regardless of whether you have an Associates Degree or not. As you mentioned, some undergraduate schools will still desire these even for transfer students.

Another reason you may wish to consider taking the SAT: I know of at least 2 medical schools that request your SAT scores in their secondary applications - Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (the miltary’s medical school in Bethesda, MD) & Virginia Commonwealth University (a civilian medical school in Richmond, VA). There may be others, but those are the 2 I know of for certain.