Question on MCAT, Preq's and Studying

Hi everyone:

I just had a question on preparing for the MCAT.

Just a little background information, I graduated in June 2008 with a BBA in Accounting. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but was always afraid to pursue it in case I didn’t make it in. However, I’m ready to take the plunge and feel confident that I can make it. I’m currently finishing up an EMT program and plan on starting my prereq’s for med school in the fall. I have taken some Biology and Chemistry but not, much mostly introductory and A&P.

I don’t know much about the MCAT but for those who have taken it I would like to know if you think it would be beneficial to purchase an MCAT prep book and start studying it now even before I’ve taken a lot of the prereq’s or would I be wasting my time? I’ve looked at these books before but I’m not really sure how close it resembles the real test.

Honestly, at this point I would just concentrate on doing well in the classes as they are presented. You could get the Examkracker books, which are very short, to get an overview, but overall I think fooling around with MCAT prep this early will just dilute your focus from the very important and non-trivial task of kicking academic booty in your pre-req courses.

Your mileage will vary. I clearly have strong opinions here but you should take them with a grain of salt.