Questions on Prereq's

I know I will probably end up calling a couple of different Med School’s but I would like to see what everyone else thinks.

I was looking at the prereq’s for Michigan State University COM. According to their web site they require 8 semester hours of Bio, 3 semester hours of genetics, 16 semester hours of Chem. to include Inorganic, Organic, and Biochem, and 8 semester hours of Physics.

My question is when a school only list that they require a certain number of semester hours in a course, for example Bio, can I take any biology class to complete this requirement? The reason I ask is I have already completed 8 semester hours in Anatomy and I’m wondering if this will count towards my prereq’s or does it have to be a specific class? What type of classes has everyone else taken?

Thanks for any information.


Robert, you will most likely need 8 hours of general biology, both to get into med school and to succeed there. Anatomy alone won’t nearly cut it.

Additionally, you will want to make sure you have learned the biology material that will be tested on the MCAT, which usually consists of the topics covered in most general biology sequences.

At the State Univ. I attend, you cannot even register for upper division bio courses unless you have taken the lower division Bio 1 and Bio 2 courses(4 hours each).

Definitely need it for the MCAT anyway.

Further, your bio classes need to be ones that would be applicable toward a major in biology. Anatomy is sometimes a lower-division course that isn’t considered part of a bio major.


Thank you everyone for the very useful information. I’m going to start planning what classes I need to complete.