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I am a non-traditional student. After at least 14yrs in the working world,I went back to school to get my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering.I would be graduating in May’09.I am on the pre-med track though. I have attempted Biology 3 times, the first time I dropped, the other times I got D’s. It looks as though I would be graduating with a 2.9 GPA.I have volunteering and shadowing experience. I would be taking the MCAT in April 2010.I am so passionate about becoming a doctor, but I am worried about my GPA and my D’s in Biology, in that if I can’t pass this class how am I going to be successful in Med school. Apart from my bio courses, should I repeat some of my chemistry courses or do some post bac courses in microbiology, anatomy etc. to bring up my GPA a bit, and aim for a really good MCAT score?

It may not matter what your GPA is if you don’t get a handle on biology. You need the biology for the MCAT and, more importantly, you need it as a foundation for med school. If you can do well in chemistry, you can do well in biology. What is giving you problems?

The last part EVOLUTION.

I know I need this for the MCAT. After I graduate, I will be taking it head on! I plan to take it again summer '09, BSC2011 in Fall 09 and MCAT August 2010.

What Bill said. Figure out what you were doing wrong, and fix it. Medical school is like a biology course on steroids. You will really want to have your academic skills in order before you plunge in.

Sometimes studying with another person is helpful; it can force you to explain things in your own words, and your partner can quiz you or just mutually work out answers to tricky questions. All of this is helpful for integrating the material. Best of luck,

Thanks for the great advice.

Does biology not interest you at all? I was just thinking how miserable it would be to get through medical school if one didn’t at least start out with a fierce curiosity about life processes.

I absolutely love the course. After studying engineering my brain is programmed to think a certain way, problem solving, taking things apart to find a solution. The memorization thing is not my forte, I plan on using a new study approach, next time around. I know it is going to work. Thanks for your concern.