Quick Intro

Greetings Future (and Current) Physicians,
At the behest of Lisa (the walking skeleton), I am narrating a very brief introduction. To date, I am old (39), have two jobs (one admin. with UCI) and a part-time clinical to stay somewhat current as a nurse. I was in medical school in Grenada in the early 90's and was able to transfer into a US school. I financially crashed in my second year because of some weird international loan problems and thus had to leave. I did some grad. study attempted to be content with other activities (like surfing all the time) but I couldn't give up the dream. After repeatedly rounding with a few of the medical teams at UCIMC I decided to attempt a run at medical school.
So, here I am studying for the MCAT about 4-hours per day and trying to figure out how make a successful attempt at the whole thing again. As I am not taking any formal classes at the moment, I feel very much on my own, that is until I tripped over this site.

Hi Jonathan,
Welcome to the Old Premeds forums! As you can tell, we are quite a diverse bunch and appropriately, come from many different backgrounds. I hope you will post a note or two and contribute your wisdom from time to time. smile.gif