Quick Poll - Community College or University for Sciences?

This Poll is for those that have been accepted into medical school. Did you take your sciences (Chem. 1-2, Org. 1-2, Bio 1-2, 1-2) at an university, community college, or both? Please respond in this quick poll.

I know the preferable route would be an university, however sometimes due to location and finances that is not always viable. I have my BS, but I still need to take all my sciences. Due to location and finances, I am looking at a community college.



You really need to somehow cross-reference this to MCAT scores. I’m completely certain that if you do very well on the MCAT your origin of science courses will be somewhat of a footnote on your application, however if you do poorly it will be front-and-center.

Although the MCAT is to some degree the “great equalizer”, also important is to see that an applicant is able to be successful in an academically rigorous setting. MCAT shows you have a general knowledge and are able to apply that knowledge in a standardized test setting, and not so much the latter.

Definitely. When they’re screening 5000 applicants for 120 spots everything is important.