Quick Question for Going Into The Inteview

They asked me have a printed copy of interview confirmation with me when I go in. I know I shouldn’t take my backpack or my messenger bag with me when I go, but would having something like a portfolio with a legal pad be a bad idea.

I can’t believe I’m still coming up with questions.

And I have no idea how I’ll be able to navigate the subway without my MTA app on my phone, but I know I’m supposed to leave that too.

And suggestions or advise?

Thank you all so much.

I brought my phone, I just had it turned OFF while at the interview. Will it fit into a pocket in your suit without being noticeable? Much safer to get TO the interview without getting lost than to worry about the phone in the interview.

I have seen suggestions to bring a portfolio to your interview. I did not, as I was told most schools give you a large interview packet. I did, however, have a list of questions and interview info that I’d folded into my tiny purse which I placed in the folder the school provided before my actual interviews.

So, bottom line, if you have the finances to get a portfolio, it wouldn’t hurt to do so. If resources are tight, don’t sweat it. You could even fold the confirmation and tuck it into a suit pocket. I don’t think a few well placed folds will count against you, so long as the paper is not ridiculously dog eared.

Good luck!

My first interview is next week and I bought a portfolio specifically for the purpose, I plan on shoving my iPad into it on the off chance it might useful at any point, never know if you’re going to have downtime or something where it will be nice to look up documents or maybe just read the news.

I also fully intend on my bringing my phone, it will be on vibrate for the duration; there’s no way I would go anywhere without it, especially an unfamiliar campus in an unfamiliar city.

I carried a briefcase type bag (feminine design - bag I used for consulting work) because I needed something to keep my flats in for all the walking to/fro the actual interview locations. I also had my phone, on silent. I had a portfolio that fit into my bag and I took that out for notes during the various sessions throughout the interview day. I also had notes about the school, questions I wanted to ask, and items I wanted to be sure to highlight during interviews, and I would step into the bathroom and review the notes quickly in a stall right before going into my interview, just as a refresher.

Thanks for the advice. I got a portfolio that I’m going to take, and I think I can either get my turned-off phone into my suit pocket or my pants pocket without being too noticeable.

Not taking my iPad because it’s WiFi only and wouldn’t do me much good. Now I just need a place to for thank-you notes.

  • Prodigal Said:

I also fully intend on my bringing my phone, it will be on vibrate for the duration; there's no way I would go anywhere without it, especially an unfamiliar campus in an unfamiliar city.

DO NOT put your phone on vibrate - turn it off. The noise from the vibration mechanism is loud enough to hear in a quiet room. That's a quick and easy decision for an admission committee to make, knowing that you couldn't even wait through interviews.

As for the original question - yes, a portfolio is fine. It is very appropriate to take notes, write down names of your interviewers, office staff and anybody else that you may want to send a thank you letter to. You also need to write down any questions you had a problem with and any fun stories that came up during the interview that you want to remember for the thank you letters.

Thanks, Doc Gray. And yeah, I figured phone off, just like on a plane.

And away I go.

Good luck! The most important and hardest thing in my opinion to perform well in an interview is to relax and be confident. We need to remind ourselves that they like us enough to invite us, so stop doubting our abilities and use the interview as an opportunity to really shine.


So sorry about the disconnect and that we didn’t get together. I am sure you will have a great interview - just trust your instincts and be true to the person you are.

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending good, powerful energy your way