Quick question on grade calculation

Hi everyone, quick question…

When the AMCAS calculates the BCPM gpa, do they count math grades in courses that were NOT college math, but taken at a CC? For example, I took both Algebra 1 and 2 at CC, because it had been so long since I’d gone to school. These course did not transfer to my university.

Thanks so much!

You have to report every post-high school course and grade to AMCAS. Math taken at a CC, whether it was accepted for transfer or not, counts as post-secondary credit. So yes, it will count.

Your question brings up a point that bears repeating: every single class you have ever taken at a post-secondary institution must be reported to AMCAS. It does not matter whether the credits were accepted or considered by any other school. You MUST report them.


That’s every course taken at any place, at any time, for any reason, forever and ever.

There are literally no if’s, and’s or but’s. Failure to disclose any course, even if you simply forgot about it, could result in your application being voided and banning from applying again.

And I forgot the specifics on AP courses…

Funny I was about to start a thread about a similar question I had: as far as reporting grades - all grades - does the same apply to Caribbean schools?

I never finished my MFA (I took a leave midway so I could finish my pre reqs). Even though I got a 4.0 , it’s still half a masters degree. Plus it’s in a nonscience. Half an MFA is like a half eaten pastrami sandwhich, it’s still really good but it looks odd.

Will this hurt or help? And if carib schools require all grades as well as US schools then I have no choice.

Whoa, are there specifics on AP courses??

Ok - thanks - that’s what I thought. I actually also started at a community college right out of high school and did poorly (didn’t care then), and got some W’s I believe…I honestly don’t even know, it was 15 years ago and I never returned to that school and never have even seen a transcript. I believe it was only four classes…but enough to hurt. I have to hope that (California) admissions will look past it!!