Quitting work for full time school?

I think I’m in the same boat as many of you — working full time and completing a couple courses each semester at a CC. But, after reading many posts that relate to this situation, I’m starting to wonder if my efforts are in vain… That is, by both (a) taking courses on a part-time basis and (b) taking them at a CC, is this going to be ignored during the med school application review process?
My current employer is not only paying for my classes, but allows me to leave throughout the day to attend the classes (while making the time up on off-shifts). I hate to look that gift horse in the mouth.
And, although I am not financially prepared to give up my job right now (maybe in 2 years), I’m wondering if I should try to make arrangements to do just that …. Quit and attend UCF full time. I still have to re-take Chem 2, Physics 1 / 2, and take (first time) Organ 1/ 2. I have to retake so many classes because it’s been 15+ years since I took them at UCF and also in hopes of improving my GPA (3.0 now). I enrolled in Micro at CC next semester too — was that a poor choice? I’ve heard it won’t transfer to a university if I decide to get another BS (such as in Biomedical Sciences, Biology, etc).
One last question … if I continue to take the CC classes, should I continue to register for the upper level classes. That is, taking Physics w/calculus (vs. w/o calculus) etc? Will my “A’s” mean more if the course is a bit more difficult?

I have talked to 6 schools that i plan to apply to and none of them cared where I did the Pre Reqs as long as the GPA was competitive as well as the MCAT. I dont see why they would care either, none of the pre reqs have any bearing on medicine, not even biochem.

I have only 1 medical school locally -U of Miami- and they exclude any CC coursework. I would check out the school you are interested in and verify they will consider your coursework.