Re-applying after 10 years

I’m new to the site but would like some realistic input on a question.

10 years ago I was accepted to medical school…long story short I decided against it and went after a PhD instead. I’ve been a professor now for about 6 years and am totally unsatisfied. I’m planning to re-take the MCAT in May and apply fall 2013.

I’m going to take a graduate biochemistry course in the fall. I also have the option of taking gross anatomy this summer, and I may do that. All of my pre-req’s are over 10 years old. The primary school I want to apply to doesn’t stipulate anything about “age” of pre-req’s. However, anyone have any advice on if I should re-take any of them???

Old professor:

In short, it depends! In general, with coursework over 10 years old, you would need to retake them pre-reqs.

DISCLAIMER (See below):

You need to contact the admissions office at every school to which you will apply to get a definitive answer. Since you have the PhD, you situation is unique. Follow their advice and you will be fine.

Good luck and welcome!

If the schools you are applying to are ok with the age of the prerequisites, I still might consider retaking one or more IF you feel you will not be able to adequately review the material for MCAT on your own.

There’s been discussion elsewhere that basic bio particularly has changed a lot in 10 years. If you are working in the field, you prob. have kept up and this would be a moot point.


Thanks much for the advice! Went to an advising session with director of admissions at my school of preference and they didn’t bat an eye at the age of the courses. I’m very encouraged. Thanks again!

Thanks for the direction on the basic bio. I’ll definitely look into it. I scored a 9 on the aamc test number 3 today in the bio section. But, I’ve heard this is the oldest of the aamc exams. My PhD was in clinical applied physiology and cartilage regeneration so I’m fairly up to date on musculoskeletal bio. However, I’m sure there are advances in all the areas that I need to bone up on. I really want this bad. BS, MS, PhD teaching research. Nothing has ever been able to measure up to the experiences I have working with the physicians in my area.