I am beginning to re-take my pre-requisites and just need a little advice. Besides Biology, Chemistry, Org Chem and Physics, should I re-take Statistics and Calculus??

Depends. What kind of grades did you get and do you remember any of the higher math? Are you applying to schools that require Statistics and Calculus?

Also, ff you need to improve your premed science gpa, it may be a good idea to retake the calc and statistics since they will be counted as science courses. However, you will need at least a B+ for it to have a significant impact on your overall gpa.

All the best

Thanks, every bit of advice helps.

Hi, regarding re-taking prereqs, (my undergrad is from 1994, and my masters degree is not from a regionally accredited university so it will likely not transfer) what are the options for schools that would likely be considered transferrable? Junior colleges? Community colleges? Do I have to go to a 4 year university to re-take my prereqs? Any input is appreciated.

I will be calling a few med schools to see what they can advise. Thanks

Some things to consider:

Download an AMCAS GPA calculator: PA_…

Enter in your grades and take a look at the impact that getting a better grade would have on your core GPA & science GPA.

Keep in mind that AMCAS (MD apps) will average the old with the new grade, while AACOMAS (DO apps) will take the higher of the two.

For myself personally I also had to weigh the fact that I’m working full-time, volunteering, shadowing, and studying for the MCAT. I’m looking at retaking one class this Fall and one class next spring. I just don’t want to overload myself and risk not getting A’s on the retakes and not getting good MCAT study time, fwiw. So I’m electing not to do any more retakes than that.