Reaching a Marathon Marker!!

Okay, Okay I know that usually the great news given around here is that you’ve gotten into medical school, and someday that will be the subject of my post.

However, today my marathon leads me to the checkpoint which says, “You’ve gone from deciding to be a doctor at 29, to enrolling in a community college at 30

with no previous college experience, to completing 3 semesters of college, to receiving a 4.0 in every class, and now on 2/19/08 being officially accepted to attend

the University of Colorado starting FALL '08 .”!!! I am enjoying the hell out of my journey and every day is a day of my life that I don’t have to regret because

I am running the marathon of my dreams, and today’s little milestone is a reminder that you can only fail, if you don’t believe. I hope you all are having a

wonderful week, and keep on runnin’.


Congrats Taryn, that’s awesome!!! Good luck this fall at the University of Colorado!

That’s great to hear. It’s all about the forward progress, no matter where you are in the marathon. Besides, the race is only with yourself, right?

Keep at it!

Way to go, Taryn!




Enjoy the journey (as you are!). Best of luck throughout the rest of your marathon. . . and remember, like Adam said, “it’s all about forward progress;” and I would add, staying true to yourself and your goals.