Really, I'm baaack and going for it

I think.

When I sat down and did the math (which I love, thankfully), it seems prudent to apply this year which means, I need to take the MCAT.

That’s it.

Yep. My grades are all in. My LOR’s have been requested for a year. I registered for the MCAT in October and sat.

On the doorstep of the MCAT and applications.

And stared at it. A lot.

Friends pushed, “Why did you go through ALL of the b.s. to get to this step, just to stop???” They were, of course, incredulous that I would stop. My friends, apparently, are just as vested in my journey as I am.

My son, God love the 21 year old, left a YouTube video up on my screen for me to watch (that’s his international sign for - “This is what I think”). It was Eric Thomas…

“Be exceptional, or be forgotten.”

Okay, I’m in. For real. June 20th.

Wishing you good luck and sending positive energy for June! I remember how crazed I was when I was at this point…

Best wishes!!!