Receive 400 man-hrs of high quality MCAT notes!

Receive 400 man-hrs of high quality MCAT notes!

Dear Members,

We are looking for volunteers who want to help us write what we think will be a unique, high-yield review for the MCAT’s biological and physical sciences sections.

What I am asking for:

*Your job will be to clearly explain how to answer biological and physical sciences questions, given the question and a concise explanation of the answer.

*Each person will be asked to provide 5-10hrs of volunteer work.

What you get in return:

  1. I will collect 30-40 volunteers’ work, integrate them, edit them, and return to all volunteers a complete set of high quality notes that is the product of approximately 400hrs of work, for your 5-10hrs. You will receive 400 man-hrs of high quality, high-yield notes for your 5hrs contribution! Our approach is the most direct, effective and simple way to study for the MCAT, guaranteed.

  2. By volunteering, you will be essentially studying, and will gain confidence in specific content areas of the MCAT. Teaching is a great way to study.

    Please take the time to shoot us a quick email of interest. We will reply with a clear description of our Vision for the MCAT Review Notes Project, as well as a set of high quality Questions and Answers that you can use to help us write these notes. We are very excited about the prospect of creating a unique set of high yield MCAT notes that we believe will be absolutely essential reading for the next generation of future doctors.

    If you are interested in participating, please email me at mcatreviewproject at

    This is a no risk offer. If after you receive further information about the project and you are not convinced that the Notes will help you, you do not need to participate.

    Please volunteer,

    The Editors of the MCAT Review Notes Project

    About the editors of this Project:

    One of us is a dual degree medical student at a top 20 medical school and scored a 38 on the MCAT using the method that these Notes will follow. He has been tutoring students for the MCAT for four years as a hobby, for no charge.

    The other editor is a Boston University graduate student who scored a 33 on the MCAT using the method that that these Notes will follow.

    Privacy notice: We are just two students. We aren’t going to sell or use your names for anything commercial. We don’t have the technological know how to put you on some annoying mailing list or mass mailing. We are not selling anything either.