Recent Carib Discussion

I just had my friend return after her first semester at Ross. Her first words to me were not Hi or Hello. Without missing a beat walking thru my office door she blurts out Do whatever you must to get accepted in the US! I was a little shocked because I didn’t expect her back much less to come back with that message.

She’s doing fine but warns of how difficult it is. As I suspected from my own research the carib schools have no gatekeeper. Their strategy is to let people in with relaxed standards however the standards to stay in and graduate are far from relaxed. The classes are advanced/accelerated and they take no prisoners. The carib makes it easy to get into medical school however they don’t make it easy to get out.

I think that is the misconception. Just because getting in is a cakewalk many assume the entire program is a cakewalk. The don’t play! 5 students were caught cheating on an extracredit quiz and were expelled with ACADEMIC DISHONESTY forever tatoo’d on their transcripts. Basically they have earned the academic scarlet letter.

Anyhow this is NOT a post to bash the carib. Just to confirm that you do what you must to get into a US school and get spoon fed. A Ross student was able to transfer into a PR school and marveled at the level of assistance provided. He was shocked after spending 2 semesters in the carib school to the extent that US schools will go to help their students.

My hat is off to carib doctors because they go thru an extra gate of hell to become MD’s.

Yes we do go through an extra level of hell but it’s worth it since it leads to practice.

All the Caribbean schools offer shot at studying medicine and they do not hand hold, too many think it’s “Pay and you Pass” thats far from th truth as your friend found out. This is no game and is hard work. I have earned everything.

Congrats! The harder the struggle the sweeter the victory.

Absolutely it is worth it, and I would hasten to add that all IMGs, where ever their school is located, MUST pass the USMLE including the Skills Check. You can’t do that and not know your stuff.