Recommend a Physics Study Source

I am currently using the entire Exam Krackers set for preparation. I don’t have any complaints, I do however have the need for more MCAT-like physics problems. The in-text practice problems of the EK series are not like the end-of-section test problems (aka “Lecture Exams”).

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Physics prep book with lots of passage-based and MCAT-like problems within it? I still plan to use EK because overall I am satisfied so this would be as a secondary source. Also, the reviews on amazon for the 1001 series say that the physics version lacks passage based questions as well.

I’m using Berkeley Review, and I think it’s pretty good for physics so far (I’ve only gone through the first two chapters though). Certainly better than the Kaplan book, which I tried first and is now my first $50 paperweight.

I’d like to hear another opinion on this as well, but my only hesitation w/TBR is that they are overwhelming me a bit with the sheer volume of formulas in some sections, as they go through each derivation (leaving out the calculus, but i don’t think you need every single intermediate between linear velocity and angular acceleration).

Other than that, I sometimes feel a bit tricked when the passages ask about exceptions, BUT I am learning even more in depth when I review the answers to the questions. Good luck!

I think you would like Exam Krackers then honestly. It’s very to the point. No derivations. Just “you need to memorize this formula and what it means conceptually.” The content of EK is great. The only downfall is what I mentioned: not enough passages. Or maybe I’m a passage-o-phile (sorry).

The MCAT Physics Book by Garrett Biehle is excellent. It has great reviews. While it might not have that many passages, it really makes physics simpler. My wife is studying for MCAT now and physics is her weak point. I bought her this book and she said it really made a difference for her. She actually enjoys doing problems now.