Recommendation for everyone..

Greetings all,

I am currently reading an amazing and informative book, that I suggest everyone read. The name is The Greatest Benefit To Mankind A Medical History Of Humanity.This book explores in great detail how our modern medicine came to be. It goes through quite extensively all the changes and morphs that had endured medicine throughout the ages. It receive book of the year honors and other accolades, it’s also important to mention that some med schools use this book as a tool as well.

I figured this piece of literature would cost about 40-60 dollars, since it is a resource book and it’s large content. However, brand new from Barnes and Noble it cost me only $20.00 NEW. I suggest this to everyone, from pre-med to Dr. Let me know if any of you have read this or plan to. Thanks and I hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Another great read is On Doctoring: Stories, Poems, Essays

Eds: Richard Reynolds, M.D., John Stone, M.D.

Look I found it on Amazon for about 4 dollars. /-/0393…

Hey Maddux Thanks for the Rec!!

I will totally check it out. So far I have been with you all the way. I took your advice on another thread, and got “Something for the Pain”. I started it 2 nights ago and I am 3/4 through. It is a great & quick read.

Like you said… Intern Blues was pretty much a waste. I pushed through till the end though. SOOO slow… ughh

Thanks again… keep recommending!!