Reducing Eye Fatigue

I read for about 12 hours a day, either for work or study, and I don’t have a TV, so everything, and I mean everything, is on my computer, and my eyes are paying for it!

To me computer screens do not feel any different than staring into a bright light bulb all day.

The best advice I’ve been given has been to make sure that any windows are to your right or left, but never in front or behind you. If a bright source of light is in front the light hurts your eyes, and if the window is behind you, then it’s producing glare on your screen. So I moved my desk so that the windows are only on either side, but never behind or in front.

Another tip was to reduce the brightness of the screen, so you’re actually staring into a less damaging light bulb.

But my eyes are still not happy with me. Does anyone have any tips that has worked for them?

There are protection and anti-glare glasses out in the market somewhere. You can find them online too.

Those are a blessing. Take it from somebody that uses his computer all day long.

I have spent almost all my professional life since graduate school staring into computer screens, first the ugly “CRT” in this burnt orange, then the DOS "green screen:, the early color "VGA, and whatever you want to call the constant barrage of laptop, smart phone, LCD TV, and even the occasional actual printed word on paper. Early on i found my eyes so tired

While I was training PCs for government employees, I happen to meet an ophthalmologist who had worked in the navy for several years. Sailors, particularly on submarines looking in scopes and under artificial lights, suffered badly from this. The culprit was glare. There simplest and most solution was wear a baseball cap. It keeps the direct light out of your eyes and cuts down the glare off your face. Those who know, always see me with a cap on. I have found that if I dont wear it and work all day, when I get who at night I cant read printed word.

Additional suggestion (some mentioned above)

  1. glare glasses. cheap enough, can be found in staples or online.

  2. glare screen on monitors or glare “stick on” for cell phone

  3. lighting. get full spectrum or daylight bulbs. I find that turning off the lights and and having a low background lamp works best

Check these links out. Here are some useful tips: mputer-eye-strain-and-kee p-your-eyes-healthy/

and a list of programs that you can download that set reminders to take breaks and the like:


Thanks everyone. I just got back from the hardware store and the new lighting is already helping, and I’ll look for the anti-glare screens and glasses.

I’m changing the way I do things… good habits are important. Especially in such a study-intensive path as ours.

Thanks, Indie!

In one of the links you mentioned people were talking about " f.lux " it’s free, so I downloaded it, and as the day goes by it’s adjusting the screen glare for me.

It’s supposed to be friendly on the eyes and sleep cycles. Let’s see what this baby can do…