Regional Groups and Field Reports

With OldPreMeds Regional Groups now in Southern California, Mid Atlantic, Chicago and New York soon, a forum for announcements, meetings, and other discussions is in order. With new members joining OPM signing up everyday and over 21,500 unique non-robotic individuals visiting the website each month, a direct forum will reach all OldPreMeds members and visitors.

Additionally, OldPreMed members belong to or attend meetings from many other premedical and medical organizations. In order to pass on as much information as we can, I ask that members who attend any meetings, whether it be a local get together of a campus prehealth club or a national conference from a professional medical association, please post a short report. Even if there isn’t more than to say that the get together happened. There may be visitor to OldPreMeds, one of the many “lurkers” somewhere on the campus thinking they are the only nontraditional around and knowing that other OldPreMeds are nearby could prompt them to become more involved.

GREAT IDEA! I am in the Milwaukee area and I would jump on anything I could fit into my schedule that is around here!


There are a couple of us OPM’ers here in Milwaukee who are now in residency. Let us know if you’ve got questions or if we can be of any help.

Anybody interested in a Michigan meet up? Maybe somewhere Lansingish/Ann Arborish? I’m in Kzoo and I’m thinking there are a few OPMer’s floating around up here in the mitten.

I’d be down with that.

Love the regional idea! Anyone in the Northern NY area? Unfortunately, I’m closer to Ottawa than any major US city.

That’s great to hear that there are some OPM’ers in Milwaukee. I corresponded with Denise/samenewme when I first joined. I know she is in residency also.

I have my sights set clearly on getting into MCW. It’s my #1 Choice. I “know” Denise and one other now practicing Doc who both went there at 40 or later. So, I’m hopeful MCW is still non trad friendly and that I can be as competitive as possible to get in. I’m working on my Bachelors after a hiatus from school. I’m 34 1/2 and hope to have my bio degree by Spring 2014 and hope to be in med school that year, too.

Sometimes it feels like a battle and other times I just know it will happen.

To connect with some OPM’er residents around here, even via email, etc. would be great. However, I know residents are BUSY!

Thanks for the offer to ask questions! You may just be hearing from me!

  • Emergency! Said:
Anybody interested in a Michigan meet up? Maybe somewhere Lansingish/Ann Arborish? I'm in Kzoo and I'm thinking there are a few OPMer's floating around up here in the mitten.


I guess based on what didn't happen at the Philadelphia meet-up, that OPM isn't quite ready for regional sub-groups yet.

It was a good idea though.

Hey- Emergency!

I know this is an old post - but I am a pre-med (biomed) 2nd Bacc student in Kazoo. 10 years experience critical care/ER nurse - now full time at WMU for 15 credits.

I would be totally down with chatting and/or seeing if there are any other non-trads in the area. LOTS of pre-meds at WMU, VERY FEW non-trads that I’ve found.

Let me know!

Yes! If this ever happens in Michigan please let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

I am in Lansing

  • actowery Said:
I am in Lansing

I wonder if we may have met? I volunteered w/ Dr. Saltman up until June of this year.

if any one is in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region, you are no longer alone…

Hi, Sounds great:

There is a Southern California “regional” group of OldPreMeds.

I searched all over and cannot find a reference to it.

Please, do you have contact information, who is doing it, where/when do they meet, how to participate?

Thank you and Happy New Year to All !

I, too, am interested in the SoCal group.

I’m interested in organizing a meetup in one of the following locations: Delaware, Philadelphia PA, or Baltimore MD. Please message me if you are local to one of these areas and interested in getting together!

I have tried to do this, even put together a program for this past march that fell through. I am in the Southern Jersey Area and can get together most of the time.

Although this is a little “south” for me, It is a reasonable driving distance. If I have at least three to four weeks notice, I am certain I could come…I will leave a place and a time to those of you that know the area better than I. I have not seen a meetup “up here” yet, so I am willing to drive for one. I am in Albany, NY.

Any suggestions on what we can do to have a regional meeting in the Philly area?

Anyone interested?


sorry for the mega late response. I didn’t even see there was a reply to me on here. I started volunteering at the Mason clinic around late September 2011