Registering for Spring Classes

So I need a little help in deciding a class. I’m almost at the end - I take Chem II during the spring and Organic 1 & 2 over the summer (supposedly more people make more A’s during the summer semester here) and I’m done in August!

For financial aid purposes I have to take one more class on top of chemistry 2 and my Physics 2 Lab (5 hrs so far, need 6)

What is better - Calculus I, Genetics, or (insert another class here) ? I’m afraid of genetics, I keep hearing it’s a gpa buster and my bpcm is quite good right now (3.92). I’m comfortable with my math skills so Calculus could be cool, but I’ve already taken a year of math + a statistics class. Maybe I should just take A&P or something else so I can have a medium difficulty semester (working 32 hrs / week + volunteering).

Any advice would help

Congratulations! It has to feel great to be in the home stretch of pre-reqs!

I’m just beginning the journey, but I’ve read tons of blogs/diaries, etc. around here–and quite a few people have said they are very, very glad to have taken Bio-Chem when they get to first year of Med school. The other front runner seems to be Anatomy of some type…

*Med School admissions counselors have also recommended Bio-Chem to me, so that’s definitely a contender.

Good luck!

Anatomy or microbiology will be the better choices if you’re looking for something that will not be a GPA-buster, but adcoms will want to see additional coursework. Agree that biochem is both helpful in the first semester of med school, and looks good on your application.

Biochemistry here is a 500 level course that you can’t take until you’ve completed both Organics. I have heard it will help out a lot with med school also - I could possibly take it during the lag year, or fall 2011. I will look into that :slight_smile: Thanks

In that case I’d consider going with anatomy. It won’t be like med school anatomy, but you will be grateful for any exposure once you get to Gross Anatomy in med school. You may figure out how to study for anatomy early (make connections - if you want to find this nerve, it pierces this muscle - that sort of thing). It’s pretty straightforward material, as well.


i’m currently taking physiology and cell bio and both of them cover a lot of good MCAT-related material. i haven’t found either to be difficult so perhaps those could be other considerations for you.