Registering Next Month For Pre-Med Beginning Fall 2011

Hi everyone, I can’t wait for next fall. I’ll be registering for my first class as a pre-med major while finishing my A.S. in radiology science this coming fall. It’s at a separate school so I’ll probably only be able to start with one class since I’ll have a full schedule at my current school. I’m hoping I can get started in general chemistry to get that out of the way. I’ve never been so excited to put myself through a marathon schedule which will probably lead to sleep deprivation. It’s what I’ve come to live for

Congratulations on this new journey that you are about to begin!

Since you are taking a full load of classes at another school (along with a full load at home), I would consider starting with General Biology I. The coursework is less math intensive, but does require excellent reading skills. I hope that that this helps you as you continue to plan.


Actually, I announced this a little prematurely. I just found out today that I can’t attend both schools simultaneously. If I attend as a transient I am allowed only one semester, and then I would have to return to my current school. Transfer isn’t possible because I need to finish my rad program first. I don’t understand how a school can take away the opportunity to take a course if I’m willing to pay out of pocket.

Perhaps this could be a good thing (you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with coursework). As you will find on this site, there are many individuals who are “easing” into their coursework. I concur with the school where you are earning your A.S. degree. Complete that degree first, and then move on to the next. This strategy will prove less stressful in the long-run.

It probably is for the best. Hopefully my school will offer more chemistry classes next fall. Right now they’re very limited only offering chemistry at one campus in the mornings. My rad classes are all in the morning and I have clinicals the other days. I’m taking English Lit. at night this summer, and I’ll try my best to take a few more pre-reqs over the next year. I would like to start pre-med and only have my sciences to worry about.